May 31, 2021

What are the features of using pile breaker to cut concrete piles

Do you know what the features are by using pile breakers to do the concrete pile cutting work? Following we will give you an detail introduction:


Universal property:

It can be driven by diverse power sources and is compatible with excavators or hydraulic system according to the construction sites conditions.

It is flexible to connect multiple construction machines with universal and economical performance.The telescopic sling lifting chains meet the requirements of various landforms.


Contact-free operation is enabled and it can be applied for construction on complex landform.

Long service life:

It is made of military material by first-class suppliers with reliable quality, extending its service life.


Its full hydraulic drive causes little noises during operation and no influence on the surrounding environments.


The operating system is easy and convenient. Fewer operating workers are required to save cost of labor and machines maintenance during construction.


Module generalization is realized with our SP400-B square pile machine. It can be used for both circular piles and square piles by changing the module combination.


It’s small for convenient transportation.

Replaceable and changeable module combination makes its applicable for piles with various diameters. The modules can be assembled and disassembled easily and conveniently.


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